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Solar Station Lander – Standalone Solar Power Unit You Can Build Yourself


solar-station-lander.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scaleSolar Station Lander is a complete power generation system, which does not require a rooftop.  What is more- you can also build it yourself.

Generating your own solar power at home has never been easier and more affordable than it is at the moment. Technology is improving, governments are giving incentives, and when we add the “feel great” feeling to all that, we get the perfect explanation to why so many people around are already having their solar power generating systems at home.

The most popular home solar power systems are those mounted on house rooftops, although they are only within the reach of house owners, whose roofs are strong enough to hold the panels.

However, the increasing interest in alternative solar power systems have led to the development of quite a number of interesting non-rooftop solar technologies (especially those that you can build yourself) that are giving rooftop solar a good run for its money.

One such system is the Solar Station, a stand-alone solar unit that comes with its own energy storage. In terms of specifications, it has a 600W solar generator, 2000 W inverter and a pack of six batteries, 84 AH each. The unit is a 4′ x 6′ (1.2 x 1.8 meter) shed, which can also be used for storage of things other than energy.

The system is currently available only through the Indiegogo campaign for the modest price of $6800. But, the makers have something else to offer, which is both great news for DIY lovers, and those who cannot spare the bulk sum all at ones. For just $25, all backers receive a detailed digital DIY construction plan, which comes with photos, list of all parts, and extra tips. Schools and nonprofit organizations receive a $5 discount. Additionally, paying $45 will get you a downloadable video of a Solar Station building workshop, while for $500 you can attend a workshop, learn how to do it all, and have a beer and dinner with the makers.

The guys behind the Solar Station hope to raise enough money through their campaign in order to begin delivery across the US in October this year. Check out what they have to offer and give them a boost- but hurry, there are only two weeks left to go.

Image (c) Solar Station

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  1. We’ve done the $45 donation, and have gotten all the parts needed. My brother-in-law will be coming up to help us build this for the house, as he already works for a solar company down in FL. I’ve heard nothing but good things about switching over to solar, and if it can allow us to keep more money in our pocket, we’re gonna do it.

    • They have set up an indiegogo campaign and you can buy the whole system from there. There is a link in this post, click it and it will take you to their campaign.

  2. This looks so cool! I can’t believe this doesn’t require a rooftop and it looks nothing I’ve ever seen before! Great work and I hope this gets funded!

    • What I can’t believe is that they give you a detailed digital DIY construction plan if you just contribute $25 to their indiegogo campaign! I got extensive tips, list of all the parts needed and photos that help explain what I need to do!

      • I just checked out their site and they are working on a bigger one for homes and cars so let’s keep an eye out 😉

    • I got your $25 “perk” and the plan is really
      impressive. I love to build stuff and with this easy to follow plan I will soon
      start building this myself! Thanks Ben!

      • You are so right about how easy to follow this plan is! I could build this pretty fast. I’m glad they made step by step plans. Even a beginner won’t have much problems building it.


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