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A Solar-Powered Temporary Housing Unit Now Home to Damaged Property Victims


housing-unitA number of designers are competing to design the best practical emergency housing unit. Michel Antoun Zateef’s design of The Temporary Housing Unit is among the proposals to provide shelter for victims of property-damaging disasters.

No matter the kind of natural disaster, from hurricanes to floods or even earthquakes, the project’s goal is to provide some comfort as well as life’s requisites to homeless victims. The carton-like shelters are made to be used only on a short-term basis, and are also ideal for conveying to another area of need.

Transportation of the shelter is easily achieved by means of a truck or train due to being made out of a lightweight and compressed strand board material as well as its compact design. With retractable solar panels providing sustainable electricity and made up of a bedroom, a kitchen and bathroom, The Temporary Housing Unit is a practical solution indeed.

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