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Solarial: Solar Power for Disasters


I recently found a website providing some design details to make a solar powered balloon, or zeppelin to assist the rescue teams in case of a natural calamity, such as the one in Burma, the earthquake in China, and so on.

The idea is to have mobile electric power in such areas, where it can’t be brought by standard ways, or where roads are not a solution to get to the affected community. The balloon, named Solarial, isn’t necessarily manned, it can fly autonomously.

“Once at the site, the airship then lowers the power box (which contains anchoring mechanisms). The energy generated while the airship is aloft is then transmitted to the ground to power field hospitals, water pumping and purification, lighting, communications, and computer equipment necessary to sustain the operation.

At average latitudes and atmospheric conditions, Solarial should be able to produce about 125 kWh per day between its solar cells and the wind turbine. For reference, a 50 L medical refrigerator for storing vaccines and medicine and producing ice might use 300 wH per day. A 10,000 lpd shallow-water pump (sufficient for 300-500 people) may use 5 kWh.” – (pulltheskydown.com)

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