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Soofa’s Smart Urban Bench Charges Your Phone While You Take a Break


1ed2f143d5902083a30d0fd819c903a2da632f3eVarious objects that can charge your electronic gadgets using solar power, while you are doing something completely different, seem to be making an appearance at every (other) designer fair.

But while displaying what you have done in the local gallery might not bring you the success you are desperately hoping for, showing off your invention at the first ever Maker Faire hosted by President Obama at the White House, would surely guarantee you an acknowledgement.

So, among the hundreds of DIY high-tech gadgets that went on display, one caught my attention, mainly because I am a huge fan of sitting on a bench in a park, reading and browsing through my email from my smart phone. Here it is, Soofa, the bench that can charge your cellphone, while you are just chilling in the sun.

The guys from the small start-up, Changing Environments, created the ultimate outdoor furniture in their attempt to update our urban environments for “our generation”. As the makers explain, such furniture across cities is essential for making people’s busy lives that revolve around their electronic gadgets, at least a bit easier. A thought that is quite similar to the one the guys from Starbucks had, when they came up with their wireless charging stations.

Soofa, is nicely referred to as a smart urban item, equipped with a solar panel, an energy storage device and two USB ports. The bench is also equipped with noise and air sensors, which can direct people to the closest available bench (and freshest air) via the Verizon’s 4G network and the Soofa’s website.

OK, I guess I would have preferred to see a wireless charging bench, and probably an app to go with it, instead of the website, but I guess this only leaves room for improvement. If such item goes on Kickstarter, I would gladly put some money towards it. The idea is great, I just think it needs a bit of polishing here and there.

Image (c) Soofa

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