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Buildings Pitagoras and Tecnova Spearhead Sustainability in Almeria, Spain


Tecnova-HeadquartersIn 2012, the Pitagoras and Tecnova Foundation buildings in Almeria, Spain, were completed. Promoting sustainability and the development of advanced technology, the Ferrer Arquitecos-designed buildings have outer shells that ensure that the interiors receive adequate daylight and are also designed to be energy-efficient with viable gardens located throughout the premises.

In addition to researching high-tech, the buildings also make available office space for the Almeria vicinity forming part of the Parque Científico-Tecnológico de Almería (PITA) or Science and Technology Park.

Being the first buildings to be finished in the park and boasting sustainability and energy-efficiency in their design, businesses which share similar ideals are all welcome to set up shop. The name Pitagoras of the building is a combination of Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician, and PITA.

The horizontal louvers on the buildings’ exterior help protect the interiors from direct sunlight while a glazed façade behind the louvers allows in plenty of natural daylight. One of the building’s internal passageways is illuminated by a skylight while every floor has a protruding meeting room.

In the central area, there are planted courtyards and hanging plants which give the building some greenery. Both buildings have energy ratings of Class A and also qualify for the European Green Building Certification and the LEED certification of the USGBC.

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