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Stephen White's Solar Powered Air Conditioning System


csiro_heatDuring those hot summer days when you don’t know what to do anymore (suppose you don’t use the air conditioner), you’re all sweat and packed with ice, didn’t it ever come to your mind to use the outside heat, which is essentially energy, to cool down the room you’re in?

If you didn’t, Dr. Stephen White from Flagship, an Australian company, did think about such a system.

In summer, 20 to 30% of the energy costs go to cooling, and thus proportional greenhouse gases are being created by that. Dr. White’s idea is a simple one: his device is able to use thermal collectors in conjunction with an absorbent material to dehumidify and cool the air. It’s the same basic principle used in those pot-in-pot refrigerators that the African people use to freely keep their food at lower temperatures.

“In this way, solar cooling has the potential to reduce peak demand on the electricity grid by reducing the amount of electricity that is required to meet those air conditioning demands on the hottest days of the Australian summer,” Dr White says.

Interesting new methods appear for everything when they’re needed the most. It seems like people’s minds are so lazy when they have it all…

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