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Sue is a Custom Real-Size T-Rex Tricycle


1329143084218612072Here is one for all green transportation lovers, who have a secret (or not so secret) obsession with dinosaurs. Meet the super cool rideable T-Rex Skeleton Tricycle.

No matter how much of a bicycle/tricycle denier you are, there is no way to let this pass by unnoticed without thinking of hopping on it even for a second- after all, how many chances does one get to ride a dinosaur skeleton of a size of 12 year old T-Rex on three wheels, called Sue.

Sue is 12 ft long, 5.5ft wide, and 8.5 ft tall. She is equipped with a 9-speed wide-range drivetrain, which allows her to reach a top speed of 15 mph. The seat is quite high up in the air (5ft off the ground), which means that if the rider does not have the necessary climbing skills or willingness to walk on the bones, then he/she should use ladder.

To make the fun complete, the head and jaw can be controlled from the handlebars, allowing side-to-side head movement and jaw opening. The arms can also be moved, and controlled in combination with the head. To give the passers-by a brilliant and complete entertainment performance, Sue can also wave and snap her jaws. Of course, if her owner does not want to ride her all the way to a specific location, she can easily be transported with a pick-up truck.

Sue comes at the modest price of $2000, for sale on Craiglist in Oregon, but the maker warns that she is not really a regular tricycle for everyday use. She is more suitable for parades, or just short distance street-shocker. She is quite stable and has brilliant breaks. Interested buyers can also request a dino-riding lesson (but only buyers, not joy-riders… sigh…).

Unfortunately, she would require some regular maintenance work, as she moves quite a bit. For that reason, the price includes a bucket of paint.

I would love to take this one for a ride around the block- I can even already picture my neighbors’ jealous and probably slightly shocked faces. Dreaming…

Image (c) Craiglist


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