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Sunengy Signs Contract With Tata Power for Floating Concentrated Solar System


Indian company Tata is getting more and more involved in the renewable energy sector. After the agreement their CEO had with Daniel Nocera for producing energy from water, they now make a deal with Australia-based Sunengy, which manufactures LSAs (Liquid Solar Arrays), basically floating concentrated solar power systems (CSP).

With the first units ready to go online by August, Sunengy has big plans for India. “If India uses just one per cent of its 30,000 sq km of captured water with our system, we can generate power equivalent to 15 large coal-fired power stations,” said Phil Connor, Sunengy Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer.

Sunengy‘s LSA systems can be used on both artificial and natural water bodies. Their concentrators track the sun all day and focus the incoming light onto ultra-efficient solar cells, but on a small area. In the case of a storm, the concentrators can submerge themselves into water to avoid damage. Cooling is also not a problem for these systems, since their super-hot solar cells are in direct contact with the water beneath them, leading to cost reductions.

The main purpose of Tata Power is to use their existing captured waters (for hydropower) and produce extra energy without sacrificing land. “LSA effectively turns a dam into a very large battery, offering free solar storage and opportunity for improved water resource management,” Connor said.

We’ve been talking about Sunengy and presented their technology in more depth in an article two years ago that you can find here.

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