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This Solar-Powered Smartphone Charger Fills Up the Battery in Less Than Two Hours


spor-7There are quite a lot of solar smartphone chargers around, some can even be bought with the pocket money you had prepared for a large cup of your morning cappuccino on your way to work. This is why, when there is a new Kickstarter campaign raising money for the latest solar charger, I am immediately curious to find out what is the feature that makes the new one so much better than all the existing ones.

So, here it is, The latest Solar Powered Portable Smartphone Charger– to- be. Is it going to be the next best thing around? We will see soon, I guess, but in the mean time, we can only take a look at what it has to offer.

The invention is called Spor. Just like all the other regular chargers, it has USB ports and it can be plugged into power outlets, while just like all the other solar chargers, it has a small solar panel. It also has a battery, which is around twice the size of an average phone battery, or 5200mAh. It charges fully in about 50 hours under a constant exposure to sunlight, or in about three hours when plugged in, but this latter feature is not so exciting. When used to charge a phone, it can do it in about an hour and a half, for an average iPhone that is.

Price-wise, the makers say that in September, $30 can buy you a do-it-yourself pack with the battery, the solar panel and a circuit board. For an extra $20, you can save yourself the work and get the already assembled version, but that will come only in December. If you want a nylon cord to go with it, you have to pay additional $5 (so far, a total of $55), and for just another $5 (=$60) the cord could be replaced by a Gooseneck cable. The makers claim that although people can buy much cheaper ones, unless they go for Spor, they would never have the full experience (this includes a smartphone app, of course).

I wonder how successful it would be. After all, the competition is pretty huge, but well.. Let’s see.. Here is a small video demonstration.

Image (c) Spor

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