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Survey Says Young People Approve of Wind Power but Not Fracking

Wind Power Approval Rating Nearly Twice that of Fracking
Wind Power Approval Rating Nearly Twice that of Fracking

With all the problems associated with fracking, it should come as no surprise that the polls are heavily against the practice.

A recent survey conducted in the UK, “Public Attitudes to Science 2014,” asked a total of 1,749 adults their attitudes on science in their lives. Topics included how much science they hear about on the news, climate change, fracking, nanotechnology, renewable energy, stem cell research, among a number of other topics. About a third of all who partook of the survey were between 16 and 24 years of age. Interestingly, this appears to be the same age group that is most in tune with the realities of climate change and aware of the need to take action.

A number of different avenues exist to address climate change, not all of which are without their disadvantages. For example, natural gas combustion emits less carbon dioxide than gasoline or diesel fuel, which is why we’re seeing more development of natural gas turbines for power production and vehicles that run on natural gas. The most-recent innovation in natural gas extraction, fracking, has made natural gas supplies more abundant than ever, driving prices far below other petroleum-based fuels. On the other hand, fracking has been associated with increased methane (an even more potent greenhouse gas) emissions, contamination of groundwater supplies, and even increased seismic activity.

The poll credits the 16-to-24 generation with being more open-minded, as well as more-aware of the problems that climate change presents for their future. Addressing climate change is very important to them, and the survey results reflect an overwhelming lean toward renewable energy. In fact, 85% of them support the development of offshore wind farms in the UK, but less than 50% support fracking or carbon capture technology. The UK is already the world’s leader in offshore wind power installation.

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  1. LoneWolffe Ladson  Right you are; too bad the wrong people end up with it; I  look back at history and think how different our World would be today if someone, like Edison had invent a better battery a hundred years ago.  Perhaps we wouldn’t have fought and killed so many people over oil. But then I think it’s man’s nature to be self-serving and greedy.  So, we probable would have killed each other fighting over who has the most electrons.

  2. Ladson  unfortunately, it’s not the young people who have the money, so getting politics out of the pockets of big oil is going to be a nigh-impossible fight. and you know it’s money that makes the world go around.

  3. Did you know the oil and gas companies are exporting domestic gas and oil to other countries because they can charge much higher prices;  Did you know we are still importing 6 million dollars of oil per day into the U.S. at the same time?  This came from a Senate hearing on the subject yesterday.  Part of this exporting plan by Exxon is the Keystone pipe line, which BTW is already complete from Oklahoma City to Port Arthur. only the section from Canada to Oklahoma is in dispute.

    Another thought: surveys and polls are useless unless some action is forthcoming as a result.  I suggest if the young adults are against fracking and for wind generation, they vote for the candidates who support their view.  In most cases, this is not a Republican.


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