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Sweden Slashes Solar Power Tax Following Opposition



While Trump heavily denies climate change and everything related to it, Sweden now wants to slash taxes on solar power, because they too have faced heavy criticism from environmental experts and the government’s opposition.

The tax isn’t old, however. It’s only been introduced this year on the basis that EU laws require it and only refers to energy production levels higher than 225 kW. This only touches big companies’ pockets, not single-family households. Later on, the European Commission said it’s not mandatory for a state to impose a tax on solar power.

So starting with 2017 this tax will be partially abolished (98%). A total cancellation isn’t possible for technical reasons, but this measure should encourage investments in the field.

“This allows for rapid investments (in solar energy), while our long-term ambition is to completely remove the tax on solar electricity,” Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson said in a statement.

Well things may be good for Swedish companies, but Trump may get an idea from them, and that’s not good at all.

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  1. Trump wants solar on his hotels. 60% of trumps base wants more solar, and GOP folks are 5 times more likely to purchase solar in CA and twice nationally. It would be in Trumps best interests to push renewable no matter what he promised.


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