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Twin Creeks Technologies Builds New Solar Power Plant in Ipoh, Malaysia


Twin Creeks Technologies Incorporated (TCTI) is an American company that wants to invest in the construction of a high power solar cell plant in Ipoh, Malaysia, at the Kanthan Industrial Area.

The plant costs about RM1 billion and will be built by Twin Creeks Malaysia Sdn Bhd (TCMSB).

In the first part of 2012, the TCMSB plant will generate around 100 MW of electricity. Afterwards, the power production will be increased to 500 MW in 2014.

According to company officials, TCMSB will expand the solar cell plant on a 15-hectare area stretching to the Perak Hi-Tech Park (PHTP) by the end of 2015.

The technology used by this company in the solar cell production does not involve toxic metals, being different from that of other manufacturers operating in Malaysia.

When the new plant will begin operating, it will create 1,000 green jobs for the natives, involving 200 in engineering, 500 semi-skilled workers and the rest in supervision and management.

TCMSB’s main goal is to become one of the leaders in the solar cells and panels production from the local market.

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