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Tesla Model S Safety, “No Further Measures Deemed Necessary,” German KBA Says

Tesla Model S, Germany Says OK
Tesla Model S, Germany Says OK

After three Tesla Model S fires swept the internet and bashed TSLA Stock prices, it only seems natural that the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) ordered an investigation.

According to some, the Tesla Model S‘ low-slung lithium-ion battery pack, even with its armor plating, is insufficiently protected. At high speed, road debris could possibly rupture the battery pack and, because the electrolyte is flammable, a car fire is a distinct possibility. As if to test the durability of the car, in three separate incidents over about a month, three drivers managed to set their cars on fire. Two of them managed to hit something in the road, and a third rammed his car through a wall.

While crash tests by the NHTSA resulted in a Five-Star Rating for the Tesla Model S, it seems these accidents occurred outside of any typical situation. The NHTSA has started an investigation, but there have been no results posted, so far. While we wait for the NHTSA and Tesla Motors in the United States to come to a resolution, the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, [Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA)] has done their own investigation.

Tesla Motors shared a recent letter from the KBA, “Referring to our phone call dated 27 November 2013, I am pleased to share with you the investigation’s result with regard to the 3 recent fire incidents involving Tesla Model S cars. According to the documents, no manufacturer-related defects could be found. Therefore, no further measures under the German Product Safety Act are deemed necessary.” This is great news for German Tesla Model S, which isn’t a huge seller in Germany, but has solid performance and satisfaction ratings. Germany is also well on its way to having the most Tesla Superchargers, per capita, than anywhere else in the world. Tesla Model S even sports an optional Autobahn performance package.

Image © ruhrmobil-E Foter.com CC BY-NC-ND

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