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Tesla Motors Mess’n with Texas, Could Build Electric Pickup?

Could Tesla Motors add Manufacturing in Texas?
Could Tesla Motors add Manufacturing in Texas?

As some state automobile dealers continue to balk at Tesla Motors selling directly to the public, instead of through dealers, the situation in Texas could be only slightly different.

Because of the wording of the law in other states, Tesla Motors can sell directly to clients. The current law in Texas states that automobile manufacturers are not allows to sell their vehicles directly to the public. Yes, Tesla Motors has two galleries that show vehicles, but are legally prohibited from giving potential clients sales, financing or warranty information, or even a test drive. Still, Tesla Motors has managed to sell some 400 Model S sedans in the state of Texas, despite all the restrictions. CEO Elon Musk is pushing for a new law that will allow direct sales, and believes that sales could top 2,000 vehicles per year under the new law.

Elon Musk was holding a carrot, too, but will Texas take the carrot and give Tesla Motors his stores? The carrot, Tesla Motors manufacturing locally in Texas, could be a compelling one. Add to this the possibility of an electric pickup truck, and Texans just might be sold on the idea of an electric vehicle manufacturing and selling in the state. Pickup trucks are to Texans what Prii are to Portlandians. Make it electric, give it tons of torque, make it last forever, and add a gun rack, and Tesla Motors might be able to outdo VIA Motors, who is already selling a hybrid electric full-size pickup truck to Texas fleet operators.

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