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The MicroFueler – cheap ethanol energy source at your door


I guess everybody’s complaining about the skyrocketing oil prices these days. This trend is expected to be worse, and it’s expected to reduce the people’s gasoline consumption by big figures. That can be to the benefit of the environment, on one hand, but on the other hand it can be terrifying for the general public, who will feel this oil price raise as a rise in food and services’ price. For some countries, this can  have lethal consequences.

Still, a company called EFuel100 showed up with a product that replaces the gas pump from the oil station with your own gas pump. Their product, called MicroFueler, produces ethanol and is ready to be shipped beginning with the fourth quarter of this year.

They describe their product as “the world’s first portable, produce-where-you-consume, ethanol distiller. An easy to use, all-in-one unit. Just add the EFuel100 Feedstock Mix (EFuel100-FM, sugar and yeast) to the unit and press START–set it and forget it. In about 5-7 days, a tank full of Ethanol100 is ready to pump into your vehicle, using the built-in 50-ft retractable fueling hose. The MicroFueler is fully self-contained and self-monitoring. A convenient LCD display exhibits status and operating information. When pumping the ethanol, it operates just like a typical fuel pump at your local gas station. ”

So you can make your own ethanol with the materials from your own home if you have a source of sugar and yeast. You may power your gasoline car with it, because, they say, any gasoline car can burn ethanol safely. The prices start at about $9000, and there is a waiting line already.

Ethanol is a good solution in the short run, like some kind of a “patch” from oil dependence. But in the long run. we should rely on non-burnable power sources. And that’s not only my opinion.

What is your opinion? Use the form below to comment on this invention and what other power sources should be used instead.

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  1. Not a really good idea, as ethanol also pollutes. The best solution is to use the over unity devices already in developement. THE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE IS OBSOLETE. Using the MEG (Motionless Electronic Generator)or similar devices will free us from the power grid, the grip of OPEC and ALL pollutional sources of power. This will give us vehicles (eventually) with NO WHEELS. Just think, no roads or bridges, power for the remotest villiges in ALL 3rd world countries.
    John in Aridzona


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