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Top 5 Most Wanted Portable Solar Power For Your Gadgets


sb10069736bd-001_XSYes, summer is over, at least for us in the northern hemisphere that is. But waving good-bye to the long warm days, does not necessarily mean end of hiking, camping or road tripping. In fact, chances are that you are much more likely to reconsider your favorite outdoor activity these days due to anticipated important phone call or email, than due to the weather forecast.

This is why portable solar power is becoming more and more desirable and of course convenient. The market is full of different gadgets, but to make it easier for all of you, who are still on the look for the perfect one, here is a small compilation of the best there is around, with a video link to an individual user review.

bdd27c19ca6b1dc9aab690aff664472c1. Bushnell Powersync

This solar charging gadget uses an amorphous film, which makes it compact, easy to fold and therefore very easy to transport. It works even at limited light conditions, and it has its own energy storage system, which can be charged via a power outlet prior to the planned adventure. A great advantage of the device is that it could work even if the panels are partly damaged, which gives the owner a bit of freedom and flexibility. You can obtain it for just under $80 USD. Here is a small review video.



2. Goal Zero

This one comes at a slightly higher price of $94 USD, but it has a few additional extras, such as a possibility to fit it to the outside of a backpack, or similar surface. Although it uses somewhat more traditional solar panels, it is still portable and light. Just like Powersunc, it can also be pre-charged using a power outlet. Here is the review video.


7c5d2830db56ee96a0f0384aaf9d03a33. Instapark Mercury Panels

This one is different from the previous two, mainly because it does not have a battery pack. The way it works is by exposing it to sunlight and directly plugging your electronic device to it. Alternatively, you can buy any battery pack you want and connect it to the device. Needless to say, this means that it is a lot lighter and smaller. Last but not least, it is quite a bit cheaper than the previous two. You can obtain it for $62 USD. Here is the review video.



4f60f7a700f74e230c9e163abe7fe5264. Solarmonkey Adventurer from Powertraveller

Although this one falls within the upper price range for portable solar devices, it is particularly suitable for those, who are about to go on a harsh outdoor trip. The main feature of the Solarmonkey is its case, which protects the device and its battery pack from damage and extreme temperatures. Here is the review video. The device costs around $120-$130.



fe2741b81e0b10189265fc9e1fdb96a35. Joos Orange

If this one does everything that it says on the package, I reckon the owner is in for quite a treat. It charges at pretty much any light condition, even when it is raining. It comes with a battery pack, which can be pre-charged, but what makes it different from all of the above, is that apparently on stand by the battery charge can hold for many years. According to the makers, the device will work even if it is severely damaged. To get the JOOS Orange, case and reflectors, you shuld prepare to spend $180 USD. Here is the review video.

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