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Louis Palmer's New Solar-Powered Car To Be Presented in Dubai


The Lootah Technical Centre in Dubai has recently designed the first made-in-the-UAE solar powered car. It has been unveiled on Sunday night to celebrate the World Environment Day.

Weighing about 170kg, the vehicle has the ability to reach a top speed of 45 km per hour. “We want to generate excitement about solar cars. This is a zero footprint, zero emissions car that can sustain itself with no battery,” said Denis Lefrancois, general manager, Sustainable Media Group, a joint venture of Globe Events and Lootah International.

According to Louis Palmer, the project leader, the 220-volt vehicle has taken him across the globe to show how reliable and powerful such vehicles can be. Being a solar energy advocate, Palmer believes that a small home array of photovoltaic panels measuring 10 square meters are able to produce enough energy to drive for 15,000 km with an investment of around 3000 euros.

He also said that the UAE-made solar car will be presented at the EPIC Dubai Sustainable Living Expo, which will take place from June 22-25 in Dubai Mall.

[via GulfNews]

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