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High Winds Generate Record UK Wind Power Production


You know the saying: every cloud has a silver lining. This proved to be particularly true on December 28 as strong winds cut off the power for 100,000 British homes but wind turbines registered a record high power production.

Wind turbines present onshore and offshore broke the last peak by 20%, meaning a 12.2% of the UK energy was provided by wind farms, as confirmed by Renewable UK green energy association.

The same source reports that overall, the wind power production from the 1st of December till the 5th of January ensured 5.3% of the households connected to the national grid received electricity according to their needs.

Nobody was particularly happy about the mess they created just before the New Year, but consumers do put their hopes into powerful winds like these to cheapen their electricity bills and diminish their carbon emissions level (I guess they care more about the first, though).

Speaking of which, Britain is on a quest to set this level at 34% less than the 90’s figures by 2020. So efforts are being made to see the total wind capacity reaching 8000 MW this year alone.

[via ScientificAmerican]

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