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US Army’s 7mpg HUMVEE Replacement, More Fuel Efficient

Jay Leno Introducing the US Army's HUMVEE Replacement, the FED
Jay Leno Introducing the US Army’s HUMVEE Replacement, the FED

Military vehicles are in a class all their own, and the same is true for the US Army’s HUMVEE replacement, which is rated at a whopping seven miles per gallon. Actually, when you think about the Fuel Efficient Ground Vehicle Demonstrator’s [FED] 15,000lb curb weight, 7mpg isn’t all that bad.

You know what else gets that kind of fuel mileage? About 2.2 million tractor-trailers hauling goods across the country. Of course, these trucks only get about 6 mpg and they weigh in at 80,000lbs maximum. On the other hand, the US Army’s HUMVEE replacement, the FED, is packed with thick armor to protect the soldiers riding in it, not to mention weapons, ammunition, and gear.

True, there’s probably more on a soldier’s mind than fuel economy, but don’t forget that the US Military is the number one energy consumer in the country, including fuel. The US Army’s HUMVEE replacement was able to cut weight by, about 5,000lb, using carbon fiber and aluminum, and increase power by dual-charging a Cummins diesel i4. Dual-charging is supercharging and turbocharging on the same engine. The result of these advancements is a 30% improvement in fuel economy. Surprisingly, the FED only comes with a thirty-gallon fuel tank.

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