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U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton to Have the Army's Largest Solar Installation


The U.S. Marines are one step closer to a clean energy future. Camp Pendleton, a major West Coast base in the United States has recently installed a new 1.4 megawatt solar array.

Being the largest solar installation at a Marine Corps base, it is equipped with 6,300 KD235 solar modules made by Kyocera Solar, Inc..

The system will save the Marine Corps about $336,000 in annual electricity costs and will be able to produce 2,400 megawatt-hours per year, enough to provide energy for 400 average homes.

“The Box Canyon PV project is a very exciting venture that is making use of a previously unusable piece of real estate, and providing a renewable energy source to help Camp Pendleton meet its on-site renewable energy generation goals,” said Bernadette Rose, NAVFAC Southwest ROICC Construction Manager at Camp Pendleton.

In order to meet the market demand in the U.S., Kyocera started producing solar panels at its San Diego facility in June 2010.

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