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US Military Turning to Renewable Energy Sources


Switching to green energy is becoming even more popular, as the Department of Defence announced their plans to fulfil 25% of the energy needs of the Pentagon using renewable sources by year 2025.

This decision was made as the need for oil to supply convoys is threatened by the depleting natural resources. There is no doubt that the plans are reasonable. Reducing fuel consumption technologies have been presented at Experimental Forward Operating Bases since 2010.

Solar panels, vendors of air-conditioning units, and insulation systems have been among the latest clean technologies displayed during the event. At the last event, in September this year, visitors of the event could see vests for soldiers with inbuilt tubes of water running through them, as well as air-conditioned boxes for electronics that can save energy by cooling individual items or people, and not entire tents.

The Pentagon has already commissioned researchers to explore the possibilities of ocean thermal energy conservation systems. These systems turn liquids with low boiling points to drive turbines.

Military investments could stimulate clean energy innovations, although the main aim of the Pentagon is not really to save the environment. Although these plans have to be approved by the US congress first, such investments might also prove important in order to create market for such technology. This can be particularly important for the biofuel market. Almost three quarters of Pentagon’s energy spending goes for fuel for warships, aircrafts and other fighting vehicles.

So far, the navy is the leading group, which has purchased 1.7 million litres of biofuel this year, and they expect to be buying 1.27 billion litres per year by 2020.

Via: New Scientist

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