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USAF Solar Project to Generate up to 500MW of Green Electricity


The partnership that took place a few days ago between United States Air Force and Fotowatio Renewable Ventures of San Francisco could lead to the construction of United State’s largest solar project that will be able to produce 500MW of green electricity.

About 3,288 acres of land at Edwards AFB in the Antelope Valley will be released by the Air Force Real Property Agency for this giant solar project. Officials said that the construction will begin in 2013. Fotowatio’s worldwide portfolio includes projects that generate up to 130 megawatts and more than 1,000 megawatts in development across the Europe and the U.S.

According to My Fox New York, the Stewart Air National Guard Base in New York also wants to develop a new farm powered by solar energy that will be built this year, generating enough electric energy to power 100 homes. Beside this, the farm will serve as a model for other military installations.

Until 2012, the Navy is planning to have a Green Strike Group composed of ships and nuclear vessels powered by biofuel and a Great Green Fleet that has planes running on biofuel, nuclear ships and surface combatants equipped with hybrid electric alternative power systems running on biofuel. In 2008 the U.S. Navy has reduced its overall energy consumption level by 12 percent, having projects centered on geothermal systems, solar photovoltaic systems, and wind energy generation.

[Source: Environmental Leader]

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