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Vestas to Deliver 100 MW of Wind Power in China This Year


If you say “wind power”, you say Vestas, and if you say Vestas, you say China. Not as an owner, since Vestas is European, but as a long-time partner in China’s quest to become a world leader in the clean energy industry. The newest proof of their “engagement” is the 100 MW order for wind turbines that was made to the company recently.

Details of this transaction are yet to be revealed, but the location is for sure in the Shandong Province and the deadline is for the end of the third semester, 2011. It is no surprise that the Chinese government asked the Danish giant to take care of this business: Vestas is the best when it comes to conduct a project from A to Z. I’s hard to match a 30-year experience in designing, manufacturing and installing wind turbines with the highest standards of quality available.

Not only that, but Vestas and China have a long history of working together. It all started in 1986, when after only 7 years of being on the market, Vestas came to China to install the first wind turbines – coincidence or not – in the same Shandong Province!

Ever since, Vestas has expanded its business on the country’s territory: Tianjin holds the largest integrated manufacturing complex, Hohhot has one of many factories, Shanghai – a global procurement office, Xuzhou – a state-of-the-art foundry and of course, Beijing has the headquarters. These make for more than a RMB 3.5 billion investment and more than 3,000 employees.

In October 2010, Vestas took its business relationship with China to another level: it brought a Technology R&D Center in Beijing, in an attempt to make it the center of its innovative research. It also shows an awareness of market demands and tendencies of the clean technology.

Also, since the beginning of this year, Vestas equipped 13 Chinese provinces with nearly 3,000 MW of alternative energy. It doesn’t mean Vestas is the only presence of the sort in China, but what it does mean is that i’s a key player in the country’s clean energy future.

[via EvWind]

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