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Wanxiang Group Reinventing Fisker Automotive

Fisker Automotive - Reinvented?
Fisker Automotive – Reinvented?

Fisker Automotive doesn’t exactly have a long history, being founded just seven years ago, but it surely has been a rough history.

Multiple problems beset the company and, in spite of promising extended-range electric vehicle technology, Fisker Automotive eventually ceased all production and declared bankruptcy. Wanxiang America, part of Chinese automobile parts giant Wanxiang Group, won the bidding, taking over Fisker’s failed loans from the Department of Energy.

Part of the reason Wanxiang Group’s acquisition of Fisker Automotive was approved was not only the right amount of money, but the promise that Wanxiang Group would restart Fisker Automotive production “as soon as possible.” Indeed, the new website, appropriately named TheNewFisker.com, says “Fisker Automotive is poised and ready for a new beginning.”

That new beginning, of course, will be restarting production of the Fisker Karma, possibly in Delaware, where Wanxiang Group recently bought a factory. The reborn Fisker Automotive seems ready to resume development of the Atlantic, Surf, and Sunset Concept cars, which were shelved on the company’s failure. Fisker’s new website even shows some shots of the future Fisker Atlantic.

For now, Wanxiang Group is focused on perfecting the Fisker Karma to bring it back to full production, part of which will surely include getting recently-acquired A123 Systems’ production restarted, as well.

There’s only one catch for current Fisker Karma owners, regarding the warranty application. As part of the deal that Wanxiang Group signed when taking over Fisker Automotive’s interests, warranty coverage for existing vehicles is limited to $2,000 per car and $400,000 payout. Granted, that kind of sucks if the first-generation Fisker Karma starts developing warrantable problems, because the new company won’t be able to do much about it. Still, Fisker is “hard at work discussing ways that we can make this a better experience for all current Fisker owners and hope to being better news to each owner in the near future.”

Image © Fisker Automotive

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