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Water Powered Alarm Clock Keeps Track of Time Using Only Tap Water


Do you usually take ages to pick the best birthday or graduation present for a friend? And does it become harder when this person is fascinated by eco-friendly technologies, and takes no less? Mark Bedol’s new invention might be the solution to your problem.

A Water Alarm Clock, with a smooth design, alarm function, battery life of literally until the world runs out of water supplies, and truly “green” (although it comes in five different colours)

For the amazing price of only $26, this little gadget makes a great addition to your travel kit, or a beautiful and very useful accessory on your bedside table or office desk. It has a unique water drop shape with a semi-transparent water reservoir filled with proprietary metallic plates.

These plates turn the ions in the water into a current that powers the clock and alarm. It is fun, it is accurate, it reduces the all-important carbon footprint and it is surely useful to everyone, who has trouble waking up on a gloomy Monday morning.

To see more on how the Bedol Water Alarm Clock works, you can watch this quite memorable video.

Via: Bedol 

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  1. H2O is distributing this kind of water clocks for some time now. If this guy claims it’s a new invention, he’s probably never googled “water clock” before 🙂
    And 26$ is not an amazing price.
    Here in Belgium it costs 18 EUR, which is about 23,5$
    I’ve bought one without alarm for 10 EUR a few years ago.


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