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Wave Energy – Easy Free Energy Resource


The wave turbine is a free energy device and is presented here. How it works is very simple, as anyone can imagine. Waves hit the shores, they enter a cavity, in the cavity there is some air, and the air pushes the propellers of a turbine which produces electricity. That type of turbine has been invented by Professor Wells, former Professor of Civil Engineering at The Queen’s University of Belfast. That’s why it’s called the Wells turbine.

The electricity obtained at the end of this turbine is free, non-pollutant and virtually infinite in time. As long as there are winds and waves, there is electricity from the two or three wires coming from the turbine. Such a turbine having 75kW has been built in Scotland, by the same university Wells activated in.

Research is in progress to build such devices in Ireland and Portugal.

The wave turbine could be another variant of becoming energy-dependent on oil. Seeing the latest disaster in the Black Sea, with the russian oil tank, I don’t see why there shouldn’t be built larger wave turbines, in any country having access to the sea. It may be a good investment, better and cleaner than the old oil, ran by the scary and almighty oil-mobsters.

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