A windfarm is seen on Anglesey, north WalesThe development of wind energy opportunities in the UK and Europe, from small micro wind turbines up to larger mega wind developments, both onshore and offshore is actively supported by the Met Office. However, recently, the coalition has been split in two over controversial wind farm findings.

Research has determined that wind farms can quite significantly affect the accuracy of weather forecasts.

The Met has officially contested plans to build more than 20 400 foot tall wind turbines in Llanllwni, Carmarthenshire Wales near one of its weather stations, stating that “clutter” will be created by the reflection of electromagnetic waves emitted by radar and this clutter will interfere with atmospheric condition readings.

These recent findings expand upon a study released in November 2012 that discovered noise from wind farms causes significant damage to sleep patterns and mental health.

In March, the Met Office is also expected to contest the construction of a similar 28-turbine site at Brechfa, Wales.

These enormous turbines can generate such a large amount of clutter that false warnings of severe and hazardous weather are often issued unnecessarily. And, conversely, some relevant signals are missed, and so the public is not warned about legitimate weather hazards.

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