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WiFi Smart Lighting for Your Home Could Also Save Power


GreenWave Reality WiFi LED Smart Lighting SystemIf the 21st Century is the Information Age, then increasing connectivity is making information all that more accessible. There are numerous ways that we’re getting more connected every day. Smart phone technology lets us keep track of our Facebook friends and Twitter feeds.

Get into some new vehicles today and you can keep up with weather and stock reports on your dash. You can check your home security cameras from your laptop at work to make sure it was the dog that knocked over the lamp.

Everyone knows that a programmable thermostats, such as the new Nest Learning Thermostat, can save your money on heating and cooling costs in your home. What about your lighting?

GreenWave Reality recently released an efficient and compact system of WiFi Smart LED lighting, a two part system. The first part of the system, the LED bulb, color temperature 2700°K, with a warm, pleasing light similar to incandescent bulbs. It is about 80% more efficient than regular incandescent bulbs, which means that you’ll save money on your utility bill.

Second, each LED bulb is wifi-embedded, so they network to a lighting hub, which, in turn, connects to your home network. The bulbs are then controlled by a smart phone app or remote control. The apps can control lights manually, on a schedule, or even based on room occupant or ambient light sensors.

Up to 500 bulbs can be controlled on a single WiFi Smart LED lighting network, which could make the system useful in an office environment, as well. The smart lighting system, while using bulbs that are themselves much more efficient, can save on utility costs by eliminating wasted light usage, and excess greenhouse gas emissions for that matter.

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