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Wind Industry Say ‘No More’ to the Fossil Fuel Industry’s Bullying


Anti wind farm lobby :  near Shabbona, IllinoisFossil fuel and nuclear lobbyists are doing their best to discredit the wind industry by intentionally perpetuating fallacies and misunderstandings about wind power, and things are getting ugly.

In fact, a small group of anonymous activists took their anti-wind campaign to the Parliament House steps in Australia, leaving pro-wind activists to hastily create their own demonstration in the hopes of countering the negative effects.

Luckily, the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer got involved and strange bedfellows were created. Now a partisan alliance involving green groups and environmental NGOs have a mission to clear up the fallacies called Act of Facts.

However, despite the fallacies and negative responses of politicians, the wind industry declares it has tremendous support of the public – up to 76% according to recent surveys.

Globally, most people support wind energy and would like to see it mainstreamed. The media, however, is giving a completely different impression – intentionally – because the anti-wind lobby is powerful and organized.

At this point, the competition is getting fierce. The fossil fuel and nuclear power industries are feeling pressure to remain relevant as renewable energy is becoming more and more mainstream. So they are turning it up a notch – hiring vicious lobbyists, staging anonymous demonstrations, and even intentionally spreading untruths about the wind industry in order to discredit it, but this time the wind industry is fighting back.

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