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WindCube: 60kW Small, Stackable Wind Turbines


The device below is known as WindCube, and is developed by Green Energy Technologies. It incorporates a fan and a wind concentrator system, which directs the wind at a higher speed though the fan, producing up to eight times more electricity than if it wasn’t used.

The WindCube is suited for urban usage, where wind intensity is not enough to drive a regular wind generator. WindCube can produce up to 60kW of electricity, which makes it interesting for high office buildings. Put one on top of another, they can multiply the power output without sacrificing space. You can even stick some ads, to pay for them. Sources say that the initial investment will cover itself in about 3 years.

The video below is the company’s presentation of WindCube:

It’s an interesting idea – it should be pursued seriously and developed to become cheap.

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  1. Finally a good idea. Like in a car a fan shroud directs more air where it’s needed to the fan. Eventually electrisity made without fire will be our only energy sorce. Seems to me though most of our needs could be satisfied with using the voltage directly using a battary as a diode. Then extra energy could be stored and the wasted energy of converting electrisity with transformers could be saved. Plus the local use of energy from a sorce will also save energy. Now to save our mountain tops before they are burned in cars.


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