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World’s Smallest Laptop Adapter Could Increase Energy Efficiency


blue_adapterThe move to digital has been a win for the environment in many ways, but even with all the benefits that come with a reduction in many forms of traditional waste, electricity output per individual actually increasing. This makes the need for greater energy efficiency one of our most pressing concerns.

The great minds at MIT are on the case though, recently touting a new circuit design which will greatly increase the energy-efficient of several popular consumer devices. They showcased the achievement in the form of the “worlds smallest laptop adapter.” One quarter the size of a normal laptop adapter, this charger is able to run at higher frequencies than the norm (30MHz and 300MHz), mainly due to a feature that allows for the capture and recycling of energy that is typically lost during use in traditional designs.

The adapter itself is a 65 watt device created by startup FINsix, and includes a USB connector which allows for the charging of multiple devices. The higher frequency output also allows for smaller designs, reducing the need for material, and in doing so, lowering costs.

This is only the start, with the researchers expecting more than just consumer devices powered by these adapters. They fully expect that the technology will scale to larger appliances, like air conditioners and washing machines, providing increased energy efficiency for devices both big and small.

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