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World's Largest Wind Farm in Wyoming to Be Equipped with 1000 Wind Turbines


Although the word “wind farm” makes you think about a bunch of wind turbines, it’s usually not more than a few of them cluttered together or at best, a few hundred. But when you say the Wyoming wind farm, then you know you’re talking big.

How big? Like 1000-wind-turbines big! The 2500 GW to be generated are part of the Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy facility, a 2012 energetic priority for the US Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

By 2015, the owning Power Company of Wyoming (PCW) will have to invest between €3.1 billion and €4.7 billion to erect the wind farm, but eventually it will be all worth it: the next 30 years will see 800,000 households happy to be receiving clean, cheaper energy.

The Wyoming wind farm, which will stretch on less than 2,000 acres, will break the record currently held by the Texas wind farm in Roscoe, which is equipped with 227 wind turbines, which generate 781.5 MW for up to 250,000 homes.

Besides the obvious environmental benefits, the economic ones are not to neglect, either: the region will have more jobs available, more tax revenue coming in and, as previously stated, more money for the people.

The Wyoming wind farm isn’t the only one on BLM’s list: 5 other US wind farms will profit from the federal government’s trend. Together they can move the U.S. up on the wind energy top 3 list, between China and Germany, meaning a brave 44.1 GW.

[via EvWinds]

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