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ZenithSolar's 3rd Generation Solar CHP Delivers 72% Efficiency


A few days ago, the Israel-based energy company ZenithSolar has officially unveiled its 3rd generation Solar Z20. Being installed in Kibbutz Yavne in central Israel, the solar energy generator is a combined heat and power system, able to deliver 72% efficiency.

The new system uses semi-parabolic optical mirror collectors to convert solar energy for both electrical and hot water use. According to the company, the 3rd generation units can generate enough electricity and hot water for the community.

A reason why the new “generation 3” is much better than the last model is that it’s equipped with the ZenithSolar engineered micro channel heat exchanger, capable to transform trapped heat into thermal and electric power. The DC electricity accumulated from the photovoltaic cells is converted to AC and then is transmitted to the grid.

Finally, the heated fluid (which can reach up to 100 degrees Celsius), pumped by a Primary Pumping System is used in water distillation, residential hot water, air conditioning, facility heating and industrial processes.

[via Ecofriend/Designboom]

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