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MRC-201: Water Powered Fuel Cell For the US Army

hydrogen fuel cell MRC 201: Water Powered Fuel Cell For the US ArmyIt’s no wonder technology evolves so fast: the Army uses it first. For their needs, the US Army will equip their troops in isolated areas, without any source of energy with a different kind of fuel cells: ones you put water in. The device’s name is also military: MRC-201.

Ultralife Corp, collaborating with Lynntech Inc and the Army’s Communications-Electronic Research, Development and Engineering Center, have developed a fuel cell device fed by water and sodium borohydride. The two substances mixed together create hydrogen, powering the fuel cell and giving electricity to the user. The fuel cell produces water again, so the energy is extracted from the sodium borohydride, carried on by the hydrogen.

The used sodium borohydride can be recycled and “reinvigorated”, says a company spokesman, “creating a renewable fuel source.”

They already have completed their project and have scheduled a delivery of such a system energized by water.

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William Carr
William Carr

Technically, that would be a "renewable energy carrier" rather than "renewable fuel source".