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Research: Postponing 5 O'Clock Tea By 1 Hour Could Offer Huge CO2 Savings

You surely remember how it’s like in winter: you wake up, it’s dark, you turn the lights on. When you go to work, there’s finally more light, but when you return at around 5, say, it’s dark again, and  you feel like you’ve been missing the whole day.

But that’s not the point. The idea is that you consume much more electricity and resources if your schedule doesn’t match the daylight.

BBC reports about a study done by Dr. Elizabeth Garnsey, from Cambridge, reveals that if the U.K. adopted a law that would move the clock an hour later, they would help cut carbon emissions. The figures she envisions are equivalent to getting about 200,000 cars off the streets, or preventing 450,000 tons of CO2 from being emitted.

“Lighter evenings make us happier, healthier and safe. After today the nights will start drawing in again. We’re renewing our call to the government for a trial of Lighter Later’s proposals,” says Eugene Harvey, the campaign director.

The project is called “10:10″, is to be presented to the Parliament on Monday, and it might just have the power to move the Brits’ 5 o’clock tea to 6… or maybe to 4?

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