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Spanish Grid Operator Installing Over 100 EV Charging Stations Countrywide

Spain charging stations 300x252 Spanish Grid Operator Installing Over 100 EV Charging Stations CountrywideAfter the Northern European countries, it’s now time for Spain to gear up with brand new recharging stations for its EVs, because let’s face it: if you don’t have where to recharge, you don’t feel like driving anywhere! So the Iberdrola Company saw how the trend was going and brought forth its Green Mobility Plan. Its latest step is the installation of over 100 recharging stations in some of the country’s most important cities.

However, since Spain is a big country, this number doesn’t quite qualify for a proper recharging network. So the company has plans to increase the figure with some other “commercial charging solutions” that will cater to the needs of both the general public and corporations.

And when Iberdrola promises something, we can take its word for it: the company earned its credibility by being the first to put in practice a car-sharing system in Spain and is presently an official EV manager.

Its efforts in making EVs more popular include talks with national public administrations, important car manufacturers (Mitsubishi, Peugeot) and offering them for rent, so if people will want to try EVs out, they’ll be able to at any such centre.

[via Cleantechnica]

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