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Potato Battery Developed in Saudi Arabia Outperforms 1.5V Cell


As an alternative source of fuel, in a year’s time it will be possible to use potatoes to power your car’s battery! Maybe you’re inclined to ask: who in the world would use potatoes to drive around? Well, if you live in a remote area with no access to the electricity grid, this type of fuel might be just what you need!

The unusual battery cell is being developed by Suliman Abdalla, Saudi Professor of physics at King Abdulaziz University, who took its lead from a paper published in 2010 in which American and Israeli researchers first came up with the hypothesis.

But no matter how strange it seems, the prototype actually surpasses a 1.5V battery in efficiency, cost (26 times less pricey – about $9 per kilowatt-hour ) and accessibility – you can make one yourself without any headache. How? You press potatoes between zinc and copper.

Why the potato and not anything else? It wasn’t that Professor Abdalla just dreamed about them one night and woke up with the revelation: he tested several vegetables and saw that the potato and the garlic “behaved” best. So he presented the project and received the funds needed to turn the potato-powered car battery into a reality by next year. I guess this proves nature always has the solution!

[via GreenProphet]

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