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Severe Water Crisis Could Hit the World by 2025 (Infographic)

water consumption 300x249 Severe Water Crisis Could Hit the World by 2025 (Infographic)When you wash your car, when you extend that already extra-long shower or simply when you flush the toilet, think for a moment that you won’t be able to do it as cheap and as easily only a decade from now.

The world’s water resources are on a downward-facing slope, and there’s much we can do to stop wasting water. Cutting-edge solar powered desalination plants are on their way to save humanity, I know, but that isn’t enough. The change has to start from within the system, from our very little habits of preserving the maybe last resource we need to survive the mess we’re into: water.

Watch this nice infographic made by Seametrics:

Seametrics global water crisis Severe Water Crisis Could Hit the World by 2025 (Infographic)
Infographic by Seametrics, a manufacturer of water flow meter technology that measures and conserves water.

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