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Toyota Yueija: China’s Newest Hybrid Vehicle That Won’t Be Called “Prius”

ft ht 1 300x225 Toyota Yueija: Chinas Newest Hybrid Vehicle That Wont Be Called Prius
Toyota FT-HT Hybrid Vehicle Concept Inspires New Toyota Yueija for Chinese Market

China is the world’s fastest-growing automobile market, and Toyota’s new hybrid is aiming right for the hearts of younger buyers.

The new elite in China, young buyers in their late 20s to early 30s, probably won’t find the decidedly placid Toyota Prius to their liking. On the other hand, something with world-class hybrid vehicle technology, which would save money on fuel and could be fun-to-drive, should be appealing.

Toyota is already to world leader in hybrid vehicle technology, having sold more than five million worldwide since the introduction of the Prius in 1997, China included.

If Toyota is going to get the younger crowd in China, then perhaps a new design and a new name will make the grade? The Toyota FT-HT hybrid concept is said to be the inspiration for a new hybrid vehicle in China, the Toyota Yueija.

The Yueija is powered by the same Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive as the Prius, but features an all-new sleek and aerodynamic design. The interior has three rows for seating six adults. Unique? Yes, but will Toyota grab the attention of the younger buyer?

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