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ORBIS Ring Drive: The wheel has been discovered, again


What if I told that an Electric Hybrid Honda Civic has more horse power than a Ford Mustang GT? The Orbis Ring-Wheel technology improves car fuel economy, regenerative braking and battery charging and adds up to 75hp per wheel (direct drive).

The last Electric Hybrid Honda Civic (World first electric hybrid all-wheel drive) presented at Las Vegas on the last SEMA has 450hp, more powerful than a Ford Mustang GT, a Chevrolet Camaro or an Audi S8. This is possible with the help of the new wheel from Orbis, using the recently patented this technology called “Ring-Drive”.

Check it out:

How does it work?

The Orbis Ring-Drive divides tech divides a wheel into two essential parts, a stationary hum and a rim or “ring”. The ring rotates about the stationary hub, driven by a lightweight, high-speed motor. This eliminates a lot of parts of the common wheel, improving mass and inertia, braking and maneuverability. Here is a complete animation for further understanding:

All Wheel Drive (AWD) technology

AWD is all about varying the amount of power to each wheel, either by physically with differentials or transfer cases or electronically by brake vectoring (where the brakes are used to slow-down a specific wheel due to traction loss).

With all-wheel drive, the system is constantly active and needs no activation or input from the driver to work. However, newer all-wheel-drive vehicles send power to a primary axle, either the front or the rear, and sends power away from the slipping wheels when it detects a loss of traction.

Can I have it?

ORBIS technology can bolt onto any chassis, regardless of size, weight or vehicle class. It can be installed by a simple process with simple mechanical tools. You can do it yourself. However, this technology is not cheap, according to ORBIS you will have to pay about USD 10,000 to install the system in your car.

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