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Ford’s Electric Vehicle Plans Unveiled at NAIAS in Detroit


fiesta1The North American International Auto Show in Detroit brought in sight several car companies interested in hybrid and electric technology. Ford Motor Co is planning by 2011 to implement fully electric cars that have an autonomy of at least 160 km on a single charge. Ford will also offer gas-electric hybrid cars by 2012.

Bill Ford Jr declared that four high mileage battery-electric cars will be produced by 2012 and one commercial van vehicle by 2010. The Executive Chairman of Ford also said that the electric technology is the future in automotive industry for the coming years and a real good alternative to reduce gas consumption.

“We’re employing a comprehensive approach to electrification that will tackle commercial issues such as batteries, standards and infrastructure,” Bill Ford said.

In order to develop projects that help fuel usage of plug-in and environment friendly vehicles, Ford has taken partners utility companies in California, local governments in Colorado and China.

Ford plans to bring the European subcompact vehicle Fiesta to the US next year, hoping to attract a lot of attention and to increase sales of low fuel consumption cars.

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