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Honda’s First Hybrid Scooter to be Launched In September 2018


Hybrid ScooterHonda finally announced the official date when they will begin the sales of the new Honda PCX 123 Hybrid Scooter. It is a very significant date for gas-conscious people.

This model is the world’s first mass-produced motorized scooter equipped with a hybrid drivetrain. However, the sales will be limited only to the Asian region, and in the beginning, it will sell only in Japan.

The PCX Hybrid is visually identical to the other PCX models and it is based on them. The hybrid version comes with a 125cc single cylinder petrol engine producing 12.1PS and an electric motor producing 2PS. The combined output is 14.1PS. In order to power the electric motor, a 48-volt lithium ion battery is used.

The primary advantages of the hybrid train are claimed to be a sharper throttle response, increased power, and better fuel economy. Additionally, the amount of emissions will be reduced.

In reality, the fuel economy is not that better. The petrol-only 125cc version of the scooter is claimed to deliver 119.3 mpg, while the hybrid 122.1 mpg. The hybrid delivers only 2.37 percent better fuel consumption, which is not that significant.

Compared to other PCX model, PCX 150, the hybrid version will be much more powerful through the low and mid-range of rpm. However, the top speed will be lower.

The price of the new PCX 125 Hybrid in Japan will be ¥432,000 (US$3,905 at today’s exchange rate), while the standard PCX 125 costs ¥342,360 ($3,095), and PCX 150 costs ¥373,680 ($3,378).

You will have to pay around $800 more for a small increase in the fuel economy, and better performances at a mid-range rpm. Therefore, Honda expects to sell only 2,000 of them in the first year. For sure, It won’t be a very popular model; however, it is an important milestone in the development of hybrid and electric scooters and motorcycles.

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