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Honda’s Mobile Power Pack to Power Indonesian Electric Motorcycles


electric motorcyclesHonda and Panasonic have teamed up to start an experimental program for electric motorcycles in Indonesia. They will make swappable batteries available for electric motorcycles.

Indonesia is one of the largest motorcycle markets in the world. Additionally, it has issues with air quality, so electrified transportation can help with resolving them.

However, electric vehicles have one major problem: the time they need to recharge. In order to fill the tank of your vehicle, you will need about 5 minutes, while the same procedure for the EV will sometimes take even more than 1 hour.

The experiment will use the Honda Mobile Power Pack ( it was revealed at CES 2018). It is a swappable, multi-use battery with a storing capacity of 1 kWh of power or more. There will be special “exchanger” charging stations for it that will also help to stabilize the power grid while the pack is working.

Honda states that they will build “several dozens” of these stations around Indonesian cities. Any rider with low power will be able to come to the station and swap his empty battery for a fully charged one. By that, the problem with waiting for your electric motorcycle/car to charge will be resolved. Honda plans to stock plenty of fully charged batteries on these stations, so no one will have to wait there.

The first stations will be located in Bandung City, Denpasar City, and the Kuta subdistrict. By now, no photos have been released and we are still waiting for more information about the “electric mobility products” that will work together with the Mobile Power packs.

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  1. Paragraph 1 is currently in the wrong place. It refers to ‘…the problems mentioned above’, which doesn’t make sense as there are no problems mentioned above. 🙂

    The paragraph should appear after the paragraph that begins, ‘However, electric vehicles…’


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