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Solros Real Light: Swedish Device Brings Real Sunlight Where Needed


Sunlight COllectorA new way to light up some dark spaces in your house was developed by the Swedish Company Solros.

The company is composed of well-trained and talented designers, developers and engineers. They are creating and selling products that promote a sustainable future.

They have developed the Solros Real Light. It is a system that will allow distributing sunlight into places where it has never been seen before. According to them, emitted from the sun is the only natural source of light and it could never be replaced by artificial lighting. The system comprises a sun-concentrating mirror dish that directs light onto the end of a fiber optic cable. Then, the cable transfers the light to the Solros lightbox or any other luminary and lights up any place you want.

The dish is designed with a stainless steel mirror. You can place it on any place that is constantly exposed to sunshine: balcony, roof, wall, etc. The cable consists of 37 fiber optics. The Optics are made of plastic and transfer light effectively for up to 20 meters. Additionally, you can buy a cable with glass optics to transfer light for more than 100 meters.

The Lightbox is also included in the package. It is an ambitiously and discreetly designed sunlight distributor. You can mount it in ceilings, in light shafts or any other place where daylight is needed.

The dish follows the sun automatically and collects the sunbeams into a fiber optic cable. Then, the powerful sunbeams through the cable enter the Lightbox. It distributes them and generates a nice, healthy light to your dark place. When the sun goes down, Solros automatically turns off.

The installation is very easy. You will only need some basic skills for the installation of the cables in your house or apartment. However, it won’t be a big problem since there are online guides on their website, which will provide you with information on how to do it.

[Via Solros]

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