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Wanxiang Also Has Eyes On Fisker Automotive

1024px Fisker Surf  300x200 Wanxiang Also Has Eyes On Fisker Automotive
Fisker Automotive Struggling, Might Never See This Beautiful Crossover Fisker Surf in Production

In business, sometimes death [read: bankruptcy] comes from a series of unfortunate events, as seems to have happened with Fisker Automotive.

It’s been a story long in coming, but the end result is that Fisker Automotive can’t produce any vehicles. In spite of having a truly beautiful sedan and some big plans for the future of their extended-range electric vehicle lineup, their only battery supplier has since declared bankruptcy.

In fact, Fisker hasn’t produced a single vehicle since last July. With no way forward, it’s been pondered whether the US ought to bail them out of their predicament.

Interestingly, Chinese auto parts giant Wanxiang, the same company who very publicly bought out A123 Systems, was also working quietly in the background on a plan that could buy out struggling Fisker Automotive as well.

Of course, talks could very well fall through, as did talks between Johnson Controls and A123 Systems before their buyout, but it would make sense if Wanxiang could get hold of Fisker as well. Having both the battery and the car under their wings, maybe Wanxiang could get the company back on its feet?

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