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This Is How Little Energy a Tesla Model S Consumes in a Drag Race

Tesla Model S outdragging a BMW M5. Picture (c) Motortrend

When you race someone, a normal petrol-powered car will act normally: on acceleration it will sip a lot of gas, on deceleration it will heat the brakes up to the melting point (at times). DragTimes has shown what an electric Tesla Model S does in such a situation.

Well, when you accelerate it eats electricity, but the regenerative braking system brings back almost half of the energy spent on acceleration, which is amazing, because if on a Viper you spend $0.60 worth of gas on a quarter mile, in a Tesla you’ll only consume 0.5 kWh – that translates to a few pennies at the actual U.S. electricity rates.

So DragTimes concluded you can thrash an 85 kWh Performance Model S for 150 times until you need a recharge. More or less… but it’s still good, if you take into account the fact that for a Model S charging is free and it accelerates to 60 in about 4.1 seconds, thus outperforming mostly anything on the road (well, not a Veyron, but it’s close).

Watch the video and share your opinion with us.

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