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Flying Bike Shown Off in Prague


czech-flying-bikeThree Czech companies developed a flying bike propelled by something resembling a quad-copter (those who are still kids at heart know what that is).

Actually, the proposed prototype is pretty interesting from a green standpoint, since it’s powered by batteries… lithium ion batteries that can be charged from solar panels, and hence we have green transportation.

The bike only weighs 209 pounds and has two big propellers: one at the front and one at the back, and two smaller ones on sides to change direction. A dummy passenger was the first to fly the thing, as probably they didn’t find anyone brave enough (or light enough) to fit the flying bike’s needs.

This project looks nice and doable by some open-minded, Musk-like entrepreneur who really sets his mind to making a viable way of personal flying transportation possible. Watch the video below and give us your thoughts on it.

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