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Japan Plans to Deploy Space-Based Solar Power Station

JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, wants to compete with the United States’ PG&E project for collecting solar power from outer space and beam it on Earth through clusters of lasers and microwaves.

Remarkable Lifetime Results for EV Batteries

Scientists from Southern California Edison (SCE) have developed an tested for two and a half years a lithium-ion battery sub-pack with very encouraging results. The battery tested survived 180,000miles with no significant deterioration.

Samsung Says Water Powered Cell Phone Ready by 2010

Water powered cell phones are yet another cool invention from Samsung. After they did break many European and American markets, they plan to knock out those solar power fanatics, by using water as a power source. Yes, you heard right.

Nano Fibers Will Power Your iPod

Have your ever seen those self-powered mechanical watches, those who charge themselves from your hand’s movement? They have one half of a …

Nano Flakes: more power from the Sun

Dr. Martin Aagesen, a researcher at the University of Copenhagen and director of SunFlake Inc. is currently developing a technology called “Nano …