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A Soda Can Powered Solar Garage Heater


 solarbox_1453_resized1.jpgI found out the ingenuity of some people exceeds “common sense” and their inventions are really helpful to humanity. Not on large scale, but for those tech-guys who do nothing but sit all day long in their garages and invent crazy things nobody would have imagined. Most of these inventions stay there, in the respective garages, but still, many are present on the internet as websites or blogs of their inventors.

To the subject: this is a home built heating system, consisting of soda cans painted black, a wood box, a plexiglass and some silicone. Oh, I forgot the vacuum cleaner pipe and the support for the whole thing.

This solar powered heater basically collects energy from the Sun as heat into the aluminum cans and naturally flows the heated air into the vacuum cleaner pipe, going to your garage. The inventor says his solar heater works perfectly in winter, but you have to be facing the sun all the time.

So, next time you go to your garage to invent or debug something, think of this solar gadget! And if you have some tools handy, go ahead and do the thing!

Then write an article on your blog (if you don’t have one, make one!) and share your story.

Do just like this guy did here.

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  1. Not the original inventor by a long shot. It is a freely available concept first invented by a Native American in the early 90’s.


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