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The "reasonable" price of free energy


I know there’s a lot of talk on the internet about “how to produce the free energy”, “how to capture it” or simply how to lower or eliminate your monthly bills (electricity, gas, heating). In fact, the energy harvested here, on this site, doesn’t come for free. It simply exists in space and time and we just find ways of collecting it with some price. What could be such price? What could be the price of denying that we all have to pay something one day and our children will breath a cleaner air than we do? What could be the “reasonable” price?

Whether we want or not, everything is based around mother nature. Everything ourdays must be “green” or “ecological”. It’s still a paradox because the same companies that say “we make the cleanest diesel on Earth” or “we make the most eco-friendly car” really don’t put their efforts to the maximum to, say, make a hydrogen engine specially for burning only self-produced hydrogen, or some other kind of energy moving some other kind of machinery.

I think the world will reach the saturation point someday. I think everybody will experiment fuel cells and the goodies behind H2, H1 and the electric current. I also think humanity will slowly transcend to a higher level of energy, a new kind of energy, still unharnessed nowadays. For example: energy of crystals, latent energy of permanent magnets, energy of water, memory of water and others. Truly, there are so many energy forms in the universe that we couldn’t in a million years learn them all.

But when we do learn what’s available to us, what’s in front of us, then we’ll be happier and will not have people dying of hunger while others enrich from the so-much controversial oil, and we won’t have a planet drying day by day. But that’s another story.

The point is, for the near future, I think the most promising is this: On Demand Hydrogen + Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Still, the second will have to be modified so energy given is smaller than energy taken, like in the combustion engine. Water will be the #1 fuel in the next 30 years.

I wonder if they can also stop us from having water, by putting electric fences around lakes and rivers and taxing a bottle of drinking water by the price per gallon… but that’s still another story. I’ll analyze the methods they could do that and open up a discussion about how to stop them.

So: I plead for hydrogen power in the near future. What’s your opinion about that? Come on, let the world hear you have a point! Subscribe and be optimistic!

Have a nice day!

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